Connecting the Dots
between Business, Tech
and Human-Centred solutions.
Creating a service that people love to use is challenging.
  • Do you have a service idea, but you don't know how to make it real?
  • Are you aware of your service's potential problems or limitations?
  • Is your service not converting because it isn't user friendly?
  • Or is it a launched service that is underperforming, under-engaging, or getting poor reviews?
I provide digital design solutions that help your service do what it’s supposed to: change lives.
  • Facilitate the end-to-end flow of your design process.
  • Identify problem areas and limitations so your company saves time.
  • Develop services that receive higher user-attention and yield higher revenue.
  • Update your services to be more user-friendly, based on user feedback.
Who am I to help You.

Hello! I’m Anna Scandella. I’m a digital service design consultant committed to putting humans at the centre of the design process — sometimes literally in the room.

I know that the target audience is the best judge of a service’s usability, and I’m committed to finding customized solutions to real human problems.

I’ve worked in digital design for more than 5 years, with clients from both the public and private sectors. I have an M.A. in Service Design with distinction, and I continue to attend design thinking workshops to stay at the cutting edge of new developments. I’m always learning more about the best, most human-centred solutions out there.

Let's get in touch.