Hello! I’m Anna - a service design consultant with a passion for creating a more human-friendly world.

Over the past ten years, technology has grown significantly, and it’s become more and more part of our daily lives. But often, the human side of technology is overlooked.

I remember going to DiBi, a conference in Edinburgh for digital designers. Chris Hammond gave a talk about design thinking and the work he was doing with IBM to improve major world issues through lateral thinking and service design.

This talk opened my eyes to realise that no challenge is too big, and my work could play an important role in making the world more human and user-friendly.

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Moments like this have led me to my mission: to help people interact in an efficient, healthy, and helpful way with both physical and digital services that make a positive impact on the world.

I’ve been a tech enthusiast my whole life -- ever since my dad bought my older brother his first PC and I had to wait outside his door until it was my turn to play on it.

I have an M.A. in service design, and I’ve worked at agencies around Europe. I’ve held different roles in graphic, web, and interface design and front-end development, UX, and service design.

No matter what role I’m in, I do my best when I’m not restricted and can be involved in the end-to-end process of a service’s development.

I work with companies that are coming up with innovative and world-changing service ideas. I’m here to help make the process run more smoothly, so that we can make sure the world gets your service as soon as possible, in the most user-friendly condition.

When I’m not on my laptop, I like spending my time outdoors. I’m originally from a small village in the Italian Dolomites, and I’m an avid traveller who enjoys meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I love football and music. I also enjoy all things DIY and have a soft spot for pretty stationery.

Some of the projects I've worked on include
Artificial Intelligence
Data analysis
Machine learning
Health Tech
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