5 eco-friendly startups revolutionising the world

Are you curious to know how startups are revolutionizing the world with a low environmental impact? Here are 5 highly recommended ecofriendly startups.

Piñatex® produces innovative leather made of fibre from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant. This is one usage we can back, don't use them on pizza! These leaves are a by-product of existing pineapple harvest and their use represents an additional income for farming communities. Piñatex® developed this inventive natural textile offering a sustainable alternative to both mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials.

Did you know that the vegan leather industry is constantly growing fast?

Bio-bean is the the world’s largest recycler of coffee grounds. **Specifically, it **recycles coffee grounds into sustainable biofuels and biochemicals. Giving new life to a material previously considered waste means achieving a significant environmental positive footprint.

Did you know it is possible to innovate through coffee waste to create a sustainable impact?

Worn Again Technologies, through its advanced recycling technology, converts non-reusable textiles and plastics into raw materials. This process allows these raw materials to go back into a sustainable and circular supply chain.

Did you know that the current textile recycling methods turn less than 1% of non-reusable materials back into new textile? Check out @wornagainuk on Instagram for more interesting data.

Pavegen converts pedestrian walk into energy, data and rewards helping cities to become smarter. Through its data platform, Pavegen allows people to physically interact with sustainability; actually, every footstep give an instant feedback.

Have you ever thought it was possible to make cities smarter every step?

Patch Plants not only delivers plants at your door, but also helps people discover the best plants for each space and looking after them. For those of you who always wondered about the right plant to greener the workplace and/or home, you have just found the solution.

How do you select the best plants you buy?

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