A taste of waste: unexpectedly pleasant

Did you know that surplus food can be turned into delicious food and drinks? By reading the following article you will find out how to save the world in a pleasant way.

Considering that on average 20 million slices of bread are wasted daily in UK households, Toast Ale had an innovative idea turning surfuit fresh bread into quality craft beer. By giving all its profits to charities, Toast Ale is very committed to fix the current food system with their many collaborators around the world. It is really impressive to see the real impact of Toast Ale - as it can be seen on their website!

Isn't it wonderful to help our planet by drinking craft beer?

Another planet-saving drink is made by Flawsome!. Flawsome! saves wonky and excess fruit by transforming it into cold pressed juice and sparkling fruit juice waters. Check out the Flawsome! "TasteMeSaveMe" campaign on its Instagram profile (https://www.instagram.com/flawsomedrinks/) to discover a lot of recipes for making tasty and cocktails using local ingredients. Have you ever heard about sustainable cocktails?

Finally, Snact gives a second life to fruit peels turning them into delicious and healthy snacks. Snact offers the perfect solution of sneaking non-stop at home combining healthy eating with recyclable packages. Did you know that fruit and vegetable peels can be used? For those interested in discovering some other ways to use them in your everyday life, here is an article for you: https://snact.co.uk/2018/05/24/10-unexpected-uses-for-fruit-vegetable-peel/

Do you know any other pleasant ways to fight food waste?

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