Do you really want to rebuild your website?

It's that time of the year again, your website isn't converting as much as you would like and you're very keen on revamping it.

Maybe you've fallen out of love with the font you picked last time and **also that black text is a little too black to stay in line with the latest UI trends. **

Before you carry on with the changes, please stop! Make sure you've asked yourself these three important questions (there are many more you should ask yourself, but these are 100% crucial!).

  1. What function do you want your website to have?

What do we mean with this? Are you looking for a showroom-website? Or do you need a more accessible catalogue? Do you want to increase sales through your web page? Is your ultimate goal to have all your leads through the website contact form? These are a lot of questions, I know, but based on what you want to achieve with your business,you'll have to have a way different website.

  1. Have you ran some user testing sessions on your website with real target audience?

As a business owner, you'll probably find it easy to fall in love with your products, but it's also easy to be over critical and fill your brain with assumptions on what's wrong with the service you offer or the design materials that represents you. At the end of the day though you won't be the one buying from you, so make sure you don't only trust yourself!

  1. What are your KPIs? What does success look like?

This might sound fairly cheesy, but it's very important to have some numbers or measurements in mind, as if we don't do that, we won't be able to understand what needs further improving and we'll just have a re-design for our own peace of mind, thinking it will solve all of our problems.

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