Four-legged friends, but make it eco-friendly

Are you looking for a special and sustainable gift for your loyal four-legged friend?

Since we are looking forward to welcoming a rescue puppy to our home, I have been doing some research on sustainable products for him, here's what I found!

Let's start from dog beds. As we know, it’s perfectly normal for a dog to spend the majority of their day sleeping. According to the most widespread data, the average amount of sleep for adult dogs is 12–14 hours per day, although puppies sleep over longer, up to 20 hours per day. To guarantee them an excellent rest what could be better than dog beds made of recycled materials instead of beds filled with plastics and synthetic fibres?

Muttropolis offers a great variety of bolster beds, pillow beds, orthopaedic beds, outdoor beds filled by eco-friendly poly-fill. Moreover, P.L.A.Y. has a huge selection of pet beds with plush filling made from recycled plastic bottles. Isn't it amazing that our furry friends can sleep on a bed that is not only premium quality but great for the planet too? If you want something a little more hipster - stop looking! Just visit the Pet Lounge Studios website.

In addition to producing bed inserts made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics, Harry Barker uses all-natural ingredients for treats and biodegradable dog shampoos among the wide selection of eco-friendly products for dogs that it offers since 1997. Angry Orange also takes care of the cleaning by creating pet odour eliminator products smelling great because they are made from fresh oranges, no toxic chemical odours.

As we all know, play is a fundamental activity in a dog's life. When they are puppies playing can be useful to stimulate their learning skills, socialize with other dogs and humans and to improve coordination. How about letting your dog play with eco-friendly toys? Finally, for the more adventurous dogs who accompany their owners in every outdoor activity, their favourite products will be among the wide range offered by Wilderdog and Mountain Dog.

Dog sleeping beds, special backpacks where you can carry your dog during excursions, insulated dog coats and jackets, leashes of all kinds and much more will allow you to enjoy your adventure, whatever the weather or challenges.

Let me know which sustainable product is best suited for your dog!

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