Get your car drunk! Here's how...

In the past years, the number of people using means of transport with a low environmental impact has improved exponentially. Although, would you have ever thought that cars could be fueled by a whiskey residue biofuel, with no engine modification required?

In 2017, Celtic Renewables made history by powering the world´s first ever car fueled with biobutanol derived from local whiskey production residues. Biobutanol is a direct substitute for diesel and petrol made of draff and pot ale.

Considering that each year in Scotland the Malt Whiskey industry produces almost 750,000 tonnes of draff and 2 billion liters of pot ale, the goal of Celtic Renewables is to convert them into millions of liters of sustainable biofuel. Isn't that a wonderful idea?

Celtic Renewables not only transforms local low-value materials into sustainable biofuel, but also into high-value renewable chemicals and other commercially and environmentally valuable products.

Professor Martin Tangney, the company’s Ceo and President, aims to turn transport green all over the world starting from Scotland. Did you know that Scotland is not only famous for its world-renowned whiskey but also for being a powerhouse for renewable energy?

The construction in Grangemouth Scotland of the Caledon Green Plant, the company’s first production plant, means a significant contribution to Scotland’s green recovery completely in line with one of the main purpose of Celtic Renewables: using local solutions to make a global impact.

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