How to grow trees with a click

Do you want to make the planet greener, but you don't have a green thumb? No problem, after reading this article you'll start planting entire forests without getting your hands dirty. You can thank us later.

As a first step, you could set Ecosia as your search engine. By searching with this eco browser, you help to reforest our planet. Infact, Ecosia use most of their profits to plant trees where they are most needed empowering also local communities around the world. Do you know how many internet searches are needed to plant a tree? Roughly 45!

For those who never find the right, original and ecofriendly present, with Treedom you can gift a tree!

Treedom is the first web platform in the world that gives the opportunity to plant a tree remotely and following its growth from its own online page. You will not only contribute to make the planet greener, but you will also support farmer communities all over the world who will take care of your tree. They have a special wedding section: forget ornaments, build a forest!

Moreover, if you have trouble to complete your tasks due to the time you spend on social media or games app, Flora is the perfect solution! You can grow trees in Flora, whenever you want to focus on your tasks. Stop doom-scrolling and get stuff done!

What are you waiting for? Let's green the planet with a simple click!

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