New year, new eco-friendly apps

Are you looking for some new apps to help you live more sustainably this year? You are in the right place!

Did you know that the average woman keeps a piece of clothing in her wardrobe for only 5 weeks? Hands up who bought a dress to wear only once just for a special event?

WearMe30Times is a sustainable fashion movement that wants to change the way we approach owning clothes. Actually, WearMe30Times encourages you to wear and track an item of clothing you wear 30 times. After scanning the WM30T code on any piece of clothing, the user is enable to watch its personal sustainability count increase of 1 unit towards the 30 unit goal.

What are you waiting for to join the conscious consumers community of WM30T?

If piling clothes isn't your Achille's heel, what about** reducing plastic pollution?** Do you want to start tracking and reducing your daily plastic footprint? MyPlasticDiary is for you.

MyPlasticDiary app allows you to record all plastic packaging you get with your daily shopping. In addition to this, you can measure your progress and set goals for plastic reduction and and receive awards for your progress. If the mission wasn't enough, the UI is really pretty, too!

And last but not least, have you always dreamed of a free app that lets you automatically** donate spare change while shopping cashless**? Sustainably helps you spread kindness by letting you easily and safely donate to a range of different causes. You’ll even get updates showing you the difference you've made. Are you ready to change the world every time you shop?

Which new apps are you using to be more sustainable in 2021?

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