Podcasts and sustainability

Podcasts have become more and more popular and they are now an integral part of our daily life. Isn't that true?

For each of our interests there's a podcast that is waiting to be heard.

Depending on the time we have available, there are podcasts of different durations. Just think of all those times when we didn't have enough time to read hundreds of pages on a topic that we care about and we have therefore opted for listening to an interesting podcast that has allowed us to go deeper into the subject. In short, it is impossible not to find at least one podcast that is right for you.

People who are looking for a new sustainability podcast should get to the bottom of this article!

  • The Sustainability Agenda is a weekly podcast exploring today’s biggest sustainability questions. Leading sustainability thinkers offer their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working –and what needs to change — and think about the future of sustainability.

What are you waiting for to listen to the episodes of The Sustainability Agenda?

  • The perfect podcast to learn how to make zero waste living as practical as possible is Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast. In these episodes, Elsbeth Callaghan helps everyone make those practical changes on a daily basis, which will add up to make an immense difference for our planet because every person can make the difference. As she herself says,** "If it’s not a practical change, it will be that much harder to make the change and stick to it.".**
  • The Sustainable Nation Podcast offers interviews with global leaders in sustainability, especially concerning corporate sustainability and government sustainability. Behind this podcast there is Sustridge, a sustainability consulting firm founded in 2017 with a single mission: to help organizations of all sizes become leaders in sustainability. You have no more excuses now for not knowing who to turn to regarding sustainability!

What's your sustainable favorite podcast? Let me know!

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