Resolutions for your home!

The end of the year represents for many people a time of profound reflection on the time that has been. It is also a great time to set a list of resolutions to change some old habits for the year that is about to begin, isn't it?

2021 has now started 14 days ago, what's the deal with your resolutions? Have you written any? But most importantly, have you already put them into practice? If you have forgotten yours already, look no further! Here are some green challenges you can do yourself:

First of all, does your home have solar panels installed? As you know, solar panels convert energy from sunlight into electricity. Using solar energy not only means that your monthly bills decrease but also that you are using renewable and clean energy, among many other benefits. On top of that, government around Europe have been offering tax reduction and money incentives for people deciding to go down this route.

Another green change that would make you home greener, is to implement a better thermal insulation. How? For example by insulating your heating ducts you can conserve energy throughout your home. The same thing also applies to insulating door and window frames.

Are you looking for a new car in 2021? If you have to get one (remember bikes and public transport!) we obviously recommend buying an eco-friendly one. Are you aware of how much less pollution they produce compared to conventional cars? On average, a hybrid car can emit 46% less greenhouse gas than a regular vehicle.

Even though eco-friendly cars are sometimes more expensive, they tend to last longer and they're definitely kinder to the planet. Don't stop at the first cheap tag, look further!

Last but not least, we advise you to light up the house with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Compared to traditional lighting solutions LEDs generally consume low amounts of power, last much longer, work well in a wide range of operating temperatures and much more.

Let me know what do you think about these green changes!

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