Say yes to second hand buying

Whether you're looking for some vintage clothes for a fancy dress party or you have a passion for mixing new and old. Whether you're trying to fight consumerism or you want to avoid clothes getting into a landfill... you must have bought second hand clothes at least once. Haven't you?

We definitely belong to the category of people who buy second hand vintage clothing to contribute to the sustainability of our planet although the culture we live in many times makes feel the need for more and more. According to Oxfam, every week the UK sends 13 million items of clothing to landfill.

Sometimes it is difficult to take the time to go and browse one of the cute vintage markets around the cities for various reasons, especially during these troubled times of Covid-19. Unfortunately, it just isn't as convenient as shopping on Asos! Do you know that you can also buy vintage clothes directly from your Instagram account?

On Instagram there are numerous profiles where you can buy vintage clothes that still in excellent condition. You can change your wardrobe without breaking the bank nor the planet! Here are 5 highly recommended profiles:

@threadsbyjade_ offers real unbeatable women deals. Moreover, @wearnot_wantnot gives a second life to beautiful second-hand women's clothing since 2006.

For those looking for a curated selection of preloved children's clothing you cannot miss @prelovedby_stanleyandmabel, @pawseypreloved and @whatmilowore profiles.

Let me know if you are a fan of second hand vintage clothes as well!

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