Travel and accommodation, what's the future looking like?

The covid-19 pandemic hasn't been tough on the healthcare sector only, worldwide, people have been severely affected. Most of the sectors that make up the global economy, including the tourism sector were put into great troubles.

Travel around the world has almost completely stopped as of April 2020, as many countries have introduced curfews and travel restrictions to contain the spread of the virus.

All the different branches of the tourism industry are facing an unprecedented crisis. Airlines are seeing a steep decline in passengers, the food and beverage sector has been put on hold. Not to mention the decrease in the number of guests in the hospitality sector.

Considering the drastic changes we had to get used to so quickly, **what does the future of accommodation look like? **

I'm not going to lie, it doesn't look great. Actually, if we rely on the predictions of Pwc, in the UK, it may take four years for the situation in the reception sector to revert to the pre-coronavirus pandemic given the uncertainties on future restrictions related to covid-19. Although, occupancy rate forecasts for London and the rest of the UK, calculated on the scenario of a vaccine announcement being made in the second quarter of 2021, show that "2020 is expected to be down from 83% and 75%, to just 29% and 38% respectively" according to Statista.

Are you looking for a way to concretely help the hospitality sector? Adopt a hostel! You can do it simply by purchasing a gift card for a future stay in a hostel of your choice on the following web page: You will contribute to a sector that means a lot to many travellers. Isn't this a great campaign that represents a glimmer of light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel?

Let me know if you are aware of other innovative solutions to help hotels and the wider hospitality industry!

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